UPC Practices

The purpose of University Presbyterian Church
is to practice the way of Jesus by:

loving God, neighbor and self,
giving witness to the light of Christ in the world,
calling others to be his disciples, and
working for the well-being of the whole creation,
and all its peoples.

About Christian Practices

“Practices are things that Christian people do together that connect them to God and one another, and that address fundamental human needs, thus forming a way of life.”

~Diana Butler Bass

Here are some of our assumptions about Christian practices that we’ve gleaned along the way and that help shape our life together. We have come to understand that Christian practices:

  • focus on doing, not simply believing;
  • are patterns of behavior, not a one-time activity;
  • are intentional, necessitating decision and a commitment;
  • are activities we do together that spill over into our private and individual lives;
  • are a connecting with God;
  • are a pursuit of what is good, in response to the grace and love of God we have come to know through Jesus;
  • lead us beyond ourselves and engage us in the needs of those around us;
  • connect us with our tradition—we join to do what followers of Jesus have done from the very beginning;
  • bind us all together around common engagement; and
  • say to us that we need each other. We can’t live the way of Jesus on our own.

About UPC Practices

We, as a Christian faith community, have chosen to focus primarily on five specific Christian Practices:

  • Worship of God
  • Engagement in Spiritual Formation
  • Offering Hospitality
  • Doing Justice and Peacemaking
  • Caregiving
  • Stewardship of Life and Resources

While we have chosen to focus on the above practices in particular, there are other practices that are also important to our community and that help shape our way of life together:

  • Discernment
  • Nurturing Health and Healing
  • Prayer and Contemplation
  • Building Community


Of course, anyone is welcome to join with us as we share in this journey together. Those who wish to make a more intentional step are welcome to explore becoming a member. For us, membership is about an intentional commitment first to following in the Way of Jesus, and, second, doing so in the context of a particular community of faith. Membership is about a way of life and a commitment to ministry in all its varied forms.

If you are interested in exploring this further, “Inquirer Classes” are offered 2-3 times per year by our pastor, wherein folks are invited to ask questions and explore their own calling into this life. If you have questions, please feel free to call our pastor or send him an email using the contact page, or by clicking on his name on the Staff Page.

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