University Presbyterian ChurchAs with most religious communities and non-profit organizations, we depend heavily on the generous gifts of our members and friends.

There a number of ways to give if you would like to support our community and its ministries. In addition to giving as part of our weekly worship of God you can participate in our annual Fall pledge drive to receive commitments for the next year, offer a one-time donation in honor or in memory of a loved one toward operating costs or any one of our specific ministry funds, or donate toward the UPC Endowment (see below) to help support our life and ministries for years to come.

Please contact our pastor to discuss what might best suit your situation and interests.

The UPC Endowment Fund

Providing current and future financial support
for the mission of University Presbyterian Church.

The UPC Endowment Fund allows you to:

  • extend your stewardship beyond your lifetime,
  • make an additional gift in memory or in honor of a loved one, or
  • support special UPC programs separate from UPC’s annual operating budget.

How Fund Disbursements are Determined

The annual disbursement amount is determined by the Endowment Fund Committee based on asset performance, increase in value, and other factors. A Session designated Disbursement Task Force then recommends for Session approval how the disbursement amount should be utilized.

How Fund Disbursements are Utilized

Under fund guidelines, the disbursement must be utilized for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Mission Programs,
  • Christian Education,
  • Worship, or
  • Growth and Capital Improvements.

How Disbursements Have Been Used

Since 2002, nearly $10,000 has been disbursed from the UPC Endowment Fund for a variety of purposes. Some of the more noteworthy include:

  • providing $1,100 to help purchase our “Sing the Faith” pew rack hymnal supplements in 2004;
  • helping purchase Fellowship Hall lighting equipment for the CRUX church services in 2005;
  • providing $2,262 to wire the UPC campus for wi-fi in 2011.

How the Fund is Administered

The UPC Endowment Fund Committee, a subcommittee of our Finance Committee under Session, administers the day-to-day operations of the Fund, reviews the investment policy, and determines the annual fund disbursement. Three Committee members are approved by Session from the Congregation, and two members are current members of Session acting as liaisons to that governing board.

How to Participate

Gifts may be made to the UPC Endowment Fund by:

  • making a cash contribution, earmarked for the fund;
  • donating a gift in honor or in memory of a loved one;
  • naming the UPC Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy;
  • establishing and funding a trust to pay income to a loved one for life, with the residual passing to the UPC Endowment Fund at the death of the life beneficiary (Charitable Remainder Trust);
  • including a bequest to the UPC Endowment Fund in your will or other Estate Planning; or
  • establishing an annuity gift to the UPC Endowment Fund.

Please contact the church office or the UPC Endowment Fund Committee for more information.

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