Our trustees are responsible for maintaining and managing our facilities, inside and out. At least twice per year they host a “Trustee Workday” at UPC when folks can come and help fix-up, repair, and beautify our campus for the glory of God. Why do we do this? One word sums it up: hospitality. Jesus charged his disciples to welcome the stranger and treat others respectfully and hospitably. We seek to make our campus a reflection of this value.

Facilities Rental

We welcome the use of our facilities by our surrounding community as part of our ministry of hospitality. If you would like to reserve space, please call or click here to contact our church office to ensure that space is available on the date you wish.

In order to maintain the integrity of our Christian faith community here at UPC, we do reserve the right to refuse rental to any group or individual who does not meet our faith community’s goals or values. A reservation form is required for all rentals, and no rental is final until a form is submitted and approved, and a lease agreement is signed by all parties.

Repair Notices

If you notice anything on our campus that requires attention, we invite you to let our trustees know by completing the UPC Trustee Request Form below. Thank you for helping us offer Christian hospitality to all who use our campus.

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