Christmas Eve


5:00 p.m. Christmas Pageant
Come listen to and watch the story of Jesus’ birth unfold before you from the perspective of the angels involved! This family-friendly service features the UPC children and youth re-telling the story of Christmas, ending with a candle-light singing of “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World.”
8:00 p.m. Communion Service
With rich music, liturgy and scripture, we join our hearts and voices together in remembering God’s gift in Jesus. As we celebrate communion together, we remember the lengths God goes to reach out to us with abundant grace and love. This service will also end with a candle-light singing of “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World.”

You can also find us on Facebook. For more info, contact our church office.

Christmas Day

This year Christmas Day is on Sunday! It is the most perfect day for a celebration of worship. Join us at 9:30am as we gather to worship, sing Christmas hymns, and celebrate God’s breaking into the world and into our lives through Jesus. Join us for this special tradition at UPC!

New Year’s Day—Pajama Day at UPC!

As with Christmas Day, this year New Year’s Day lands on a Sunday! Join us on the first day of 2017 as we gather to focus our attention on God’s presence in our lives, give thanks for the gift of Jesus, and share in the continuation of the Christmas story! Also, after staying up ’til midnight, come to worship in your pajamas! That’s right—Jan. 1st will be “Pajama Day” at UPC! Wear your night cap, your pjs, and your robe, put on your slippers, and join with others to ring in the new year.

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