Pastor and Staff

Meet our pastor and staff! We have a great group of faithful folk who help us as a community do what we do.
If you would like to contact our pastor or any of our staff members, please call the church office
or click on their names below to send an e-mail.

Click on some of our staff’s images so you can get to know them a little better.

The Rev. Eric O. Ledermann
The Rev. Dr. Eric O. Ledermann  (pastorericatupctempedotorg)  

Dianna Phillips
Dianna Phillips  (upcatupctempedotorg)  
Amanda Horan
Position Vacant  (upcatupctempedotorg?subject=Web Contact)  
Director of
Christian Education

Carol Rickel
Carol Rickel  (crickel1atcoxdotnet)  
Director of Music

Jon Sywassink
Jon Sywassink  (upcatupctempedotorg?subject=Email for Jon Sywassink)  
Sydney Boyle  (upcatupctempedotorg?subject=Email for Nursery Coordinator)  
Nursery Coordinator

Carrie Miter
Carrie Miter  (upcatupctempedotorg?subject=Email for Carrie Miter)  
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