The primary governing board of Presbyterian churches, including UPC, is known as the Session. It has oversight of all aspects of our faith community’s spiritual welfare as well as the ministries of the church. It is composed of twelve ruling elders, plus the pastor (teaching elder) who serves as moderator.

The Session is organized around ten committees:

  • Worship
  • Christian Education (CE)
  • Mission, Social Justice and Peacemaking (MSJP)
  • Congregational Involvement & Outreach (CIO)
  • Finance
  • Stewardship
  • Administration
  • Personnel

In addition, the chairperson of the Administration Committee chairs the Nominating Committee each year, which is charged with helping our members discern their own call to ministry and recommends to the congregation a slate of members each year to serve three-year terms as elders, deacons and trustees.

RE=Ruling Elder; TE=Teaching Elder

Clerk of Session:
TE Rev. Eric Ledermann
RE Kathleen Davison
Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Rick Casanova
Chair of Christian Education
RE Lawn Griffiths
Chair of Congregational Involvement and Outreach
RE Jim Hershauer
Chair of Stewardship
RE Jo Lewis
Chair of Administration
RE Katie Ranes
Chair of Finance
RE Molly Winkler
Co-chair of Worship
RE Dan Abbott
Chair of Mission, Social Justice, and Peacemaking
RE Jim Niemann
Co-Chair of Worship
RE Stan Settles
Chair of Personnel

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is primarily a ministry of care and compassion, checking in on members of our faith community, offering prayer for those in need, visiting people in the hospital, and reaching out to those who are home-bound. The Board of Deacons consists of fifteen deacons, including a moderator and vice moderator who is elected from among the board.

Session Liaison:
Deacon Denny Martin
Deacon Sara Hershauer
Deacon Andrea White
RE Lawn Griffiths
Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Deacon Sara Hershauer
Deacon Denny Martin
Deacon Nancy Martin
Easter Lilies/Christmas Poinsettia Ministry Co-Coordinator
Deacon Judy Riden
Backpack Drive Co-Coordinator
Deacon Kit English
Red Roses (Births) / Cradle Crosses Co-Coordinator
Deacon Jo Fancher
Card Ministry Co-Coordinator
Deacon Joyce Godfrey
Backpack Drive Co-Coordinator
Deacon Junior Meier
Deacon’s Closet Coordinator
Deacon Suzanne Niemann
Memorial Plants Co-Coordinator
Deacon Bonny Henry
Card Ministry Co-Coordinator
Deacon Jessica Hardy
Red Roses / Cradle Crosses Co-Coordinator
Deacon Barbara Hillyard
White Roses (Memorial) Ministry
Deacon Andrea White
Treasurer / Easter Lilies/Christmas Poinsettia Ministry Co-Coordinator
Deacon Joanne Maloney
Memorial Plants Co-Coordinator

Board of Trustees

Trustees give oversight and care of our buildings and grounds. They work with our office staff in scheduling use of our facilities by organizations outside our church family.

Vice Chairperson:
Session Representative:
Trustee Diane Watkins
Trustee Mike Youngs
Trustee Mike Youngs
RE Katie Ranes
Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Trustee Ryan Kemp
Trustee Diane Watkins
President / Kitchen Coordinator
Trustee Chris Trella
Trustee Mike Youngs
Vice Chair / Secretary
Trustee Jim Knorr
Architecture / Roofing
Trustee Paula Murray
Inside Maintenance
Trustee Nathalie Rennell
Facilities Use
Ann Ewen
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