Remembering the Victims
of the Orlando Massacre

This 18-minute tribute from the “Stop the Hate” Human Rights Campaign—directed by Emmy Award-winning Ryan Murphy and Ned Martel, with the support of their colleagues at Ryan Murphy Television—features a diverse cast of 49 actors, directors, and other entertainment leaders recounting individual stories of the victims of our nation’s deadliest mass shooting. We continue to hold in prayer the families of those who died, as well as the family of the gunman and all who feel such hate inside them they feel they need to kill. We pray that one day peace may reign and all God’s children may be cherished and celebrated.

Summer 2016 Bible Reading Challenge

Starting June 1st, join us in our summer adventure to read the Matthew’s gospel together.

Click here for more details and a reading calendar.


University Presbyterian ChurchWe’re so glad you made your way to our corner of the internet! Look around and get to know us a little. See upcoming events in the far right or check out our church calendar by clicking here.

We are an active Christian community in the tradition of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)—learn more by clicking here or going to our Resources page.

We are 1 mile south of Arizona State University on S. College Ave. We seek to live out our faith in Jesus Christ through a commitment to the spiritual practices of:

  • Loving God, neighbor and self;
  • Giving witness to the light of Christ in the world;
  • Calling others to be his disciples; and
  • Working for the well-being of the whole creation and all its peoples.

We hope you’ll come join us for worship Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

University Presbyterian Church

Mission Statement

University Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) is an open, dynamic Christian community that invites all seekers to join with us in glorifying God and discovering God’s will as expressed in Jesus Christ. We celebrate God’s love in joyful worship and learning, demonstrate Christ’s compassion in generous service to others, and experience Christ’s love in supportive fellowship.

Adopted December 15, 2016

Statement of Diversity

We believe in one God, known to us especially through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, yet known to other traditions by different names. We seek to challenge injustice, discrimination and inequality wherever it exists, and to transform the world through the inclusive love of God. Beginning with ourselves and looking beyond our congregation, we celebrate the image of God in every person. When we gather in the presence of God, actively inviting and welcoming all into an inclusive community of love, a sacred space is created.

All Are Welcome Here

We welcome all who are guests.
We pray you sense the Spirit of Christ here.
We welcome all who are seeking. This is a place for inquiry.
We welcome people of every shape and size, color and culture,
Age and ability, sexual orientation and family type.
We are a diverse family of faith. This is a safe place to be.

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